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Schwarz Logistik using fully electric MAN eTGM distribution truck

MAN Truck & Bus recently handed over a fully electric MAN eTGM to Schwarz Logistik GmbH. The 26-ton distribution truck is used to supply ZEISS to production in Oberkochen in Germany. The vehicle is part of a small series of electric trucks that MAN has been delivering to various European customers since the end of 2019.


The new electric truck from Schwarz Logistik GmbH is used to supply ZEISS to production in Oberkochen.

Specifically, the vehicle will bring primary products from the Schwarz logistics center in Herbrechtingen to Oberkochen three to four times a day in order to deliver them to ZEISS just-in-time.

A charging station installed directly on a loading ramp in the logistics center ensures reliable charging of the MAN eTGM. In order to guarantee the most sustainable operation of the swap body vehicle, Schwarz is currently working on an intelligent charging controller.

The MAN eTGM has been produced as a small series since November 2019. The e-truck for medium-sized and heavy distribution transport can be configured as a refrigerated vehicle, with a swap body or a beverage body.

The eTGM offers a permissible total weight of 26 tons and is driven by a 264 kW (360 PS) electric motor, which has a torque of max. 3,100 N·m. Ancillary units such as power steering, air compressors and the air conditioning are operated electrically and controlled via the energy management system as required and therefore energy-saving.

Using braking energy recovery, the vehicle's kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy during the overrun and braking phases and fed back into the battery storage system. This increases the range noticeably. A display in the cockpit informs the driver about the current energy content of the batteries.

The energy for the truck is provided by lithium-ion batteries from the Volkswagen Group. These are located under the driver’s cab above the front axle, where the diesel drive train is located in conventional vehicles. Additional batteries are located on the vehicle frame. The range of the MAN eTGM is up to 200 kilometers (124 miles), depending on the area of application, climatic and topographical conditions.



Now that Joe Biden is in the WH, we can get back to solving the clean energy problems of the Nation and building back the middle class.


@lad, agreed, but he isn't president until the 20th January (all going well).


These EV trucks should be close to break even or better for a number of shorter range delivery and logistics operations. The capital cost is probably somewhat more than an equivalent diesel vehicle but the energy cost and maintenance cost will be considerably less. They are probably also easier to operate and should find favor with the drivers.


Lots of these kind of trucks in the U.S. electric is cleaner.

Thomas Pedersen

I suppose trucks in the US typically travel more miles than in Europe - due to much lower population density.

However, when examining the layout of a truck one readily sees that there is ample space for lots of batteries.

But it strikes me that a very ICE-weak hybrid (100 hp 2.0 diesel genset) could solve this problem elegantly. A fuel cell could also be used but at greater expense and technical risk. It would greatly reduce the highway range issue.

I'm sure MAN could source a packaged diesel genset from VW (before making VW diesel scandal jokes, allow me to point out that it is easy to tune a stationary engine to low emissions and that VW have vastly upgraded their NOx reduction system).

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