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WorldAutoSteel launches Steel E-Motive vehicle engineering program

WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, has launched a new vehicle engineering program, Steel E-Motive. The new program will demonstrate the benefits of steel for global Mobility as a Service (MaaS), characterized by fully connected and autonomous electric vehicles.

WorldAutoSteel is partnering with Ricardo, global engineering and environmental consulting firm, to develop the virtual vehicle concepts. WorldAutoSteel selected Ricardo for its well-known reputation for innovation, demonstrated knowledge of vehicle electrification and commitment to sustainable transportation.

Steel E-Motive follows a long history of steel industry collaboration and commitment to support the evolution of vehicle design and use,” said Cees ten Broek, Director, WorldAutoSteel. “With a vast portfolio of Advanced High-Strength Steels and steel technologies from which to draw, we envision that Steel E-Motive will deliver new, exciting ideas for steel vehicle architectures that will shape the future of sustainable mobility.

—WorldAutoSteel Director, Cees Ten Broek


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