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Cummins to open new fuel cell systems production facility in Germany; Alstom’s hydrogen trains

Cummins Inc. will open a new facility in Herten, Germany, which will initially focus on the assembly of fuel cell systems for global transportation leader Alstom’s hydrogen trains.

With capacity of 10 megawatts per year, the Herten facility will manufacture one megawatt of fuel cell systems a month for Alstom’s Coradia iLint hydrogen-powered trains as well as provide aftermarket support. Each fuel cell system will include six power modules (fuel cell stacks), a cooling system, piping, air blowers and air filters. Power modules take air from outside and hydrogen from the hydrogen storage tank to produce power.

The new facility will include space for both manufacturing and research and development, with plans to expand in the future to support fuel cell stack refurbishment. Four testing stations will supplement existing global fuel cell and hydrogen production research and development capabilities.

As a global power leader, Cummins has a strong presence in Europe. Employing more than 6,700 people across Europe, Cummins’ European footprint includes seven manufacturing sites, 20 distribution sites and more than 300 dealers. The company already has alternative power facilities located in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany. The location in Herten will enable Cummins, through its Hydrogenics Business, to produce a high volume of fuel cell systems for customers, further strengthening its commitment to hydrogen technologies in Europe.

The choice to open this new fuel cell systems site in Germany is a testament to Cummins’ commitment to accelerate our hydrogen capabilities. This facility will better position us to provide critical support to customers in Europe and strategically strengthen our position to be a leader in shaping tomorrow’s hydrogen economy.

—Amy Davis, President of New Power at Cummins

Cummins also owns a facility in Oevel, Belgium, responsible for the assembly and integration of both PEM and alkaline electrolyzers.

In September 2019, Cummins acquired the Hydrogenics Corporation, which provided Cummins with both PEM, alkaline fuel cells, and electrolyzers used to generate hydrogen. Today, Cummins fuel cell and hydrogen technologies power a variety of applications and installations across Europe, including delivery trucks, refuse trucks, trains and one of Europe’s most advanced hydrogen production facilities.



H2 FC ot BEV? If battery tech improves enough, there will be little need for FCs in 18 wheelers, just batteries and large quick chargers.


Long haul semis, buses, trains and ships can all benefit.

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