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California electric utilities are teaming up with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to offer the California Clean Fuel Reward (CCFR), a point-of-sale price reduction of up to $1,500 for the purchase or lease of any eligible new Battery Electric or Plug-in Hybrid vehicle (BEV or PHEV) from a participating automotive retailer. Consumers are able to purchase an eligible vehicle from an enrolled retailer and receive an instant reduction in the purchase price.

The goal of the program is to accelerate the number of electric vehicles on California’s roads and highways. The instant point-of-sale price reduction of up to $1,500, along with other programs like Clean Cars 4 All, will help make these ultra-clean cars more affordable, especially for low-income families or those living in disadvantaged communities.

—CARB Vice-Chair Sandy Berg

The California Clean Fuel Reward is intended to help support Governor Newsom’s Executive Order phasing out gasoline-powered cars and requiring 100% sales of zero-emission cars in 2035.

For consumers, taking advantage of the reward is easy. When making an EV purchase at an enrolled retailer in California, the retailer will simply include the reward in the transaction at the point of sale. There is no need for the customer to do any paperwork after the sale to receive the reward. The CCFR is one of the most straightforward and inclusive rewards in the market, as it is available to everyone in California.

The lists of enrolled retailers and eligible vehicles will be continually updated as the new retailers and EV models are added.

Southern California Edison is administering the program on behalf of, and in collaboration with, all participating utilities. The CCFR is available to all California residents, regardless of utility provider and participation.

The California Clean Fuel Reward can also be combined with existing post-sale federal, state and local incentives, such as the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, Clean Cars 4 All, and the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, to make EVs even more affordable.

The CCFR is funded by electric utilities participating in CARB’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Program. From its beginning in 2011, the LCFS has helped cleaner fuels displace more than 16 billion gallons of liquid petroleum fuels. The program allows producers of clean fuels, such as electric utilities, to generate credits they can sell to producers with more carbon-intense products. Sales of those credits fund programs such as the California Clean Fuel Reward program.


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