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DENSO Corporation, the world’s second-largest mobility supplier, has selected Foretify, Foretellix’s advanced coverage driven verification platform, to enhance safety and reduce both development costs and time-to-market for its new ADAS and automated driving solutions.

Foretify includes:

  • A Measurable Scenario Description Language (M-SDL) used to describe both scenarios and coverage goals at a very high level (soon to be made open) to enable a measurable safety ecosystem.

  • Automation to generate combinations of combinations of scenario variants along with monitors to check and track scenario coverage.

  • The ability to aggregate coverage data from the execution across all testing platforms (test vehicles, test tracks, simulation, X-in-the-loop) and extract analytics and metrics for developers to know where they are, what to do next and when they’re done.


The Foretify platform allows for a significant reduction in cost of failure by identifying bugs, edge cases and unknowns early in the development cycle. Foretify reduces unnecessary recalls, as well as lowering the cost of testing by providing unparalleled productivity gains through automation. It also allows for a reduction in time to deployment of ADAS and automated driving functions by utilizing proven coverage-driven methodologies.

Foretellix recently released an ADAS and Highway solution that provides an out-of-the-box library of scenarios, test suite and a reference verification plan designed to safely deploy current and future generation automated driving functions.

DENSO considers the quality and safety of its ADAS and autonomous vehicles of the outmost importance. Following a successful pilot earlier this year, DENSO Germany decided to collaborate with Foretellix and to use the Foretify platform with a number of DENSO’s ADAS solutions. We see the potential of Foretellix’s intelligent verification platform to enable DENSO to ensure safety as we scale from ADAS solutions to advanced driving solutions.

—Tasuku Hayakawa, Manager of DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH

Foretellix was founded by a team of pioneers in measurable verification and validation combined with a highly automated and proven Coverage Driven Verification methodology broadly adopted in the semiconductor industry. They have adapted and tailored their approach for the safety verification and validation of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

In October, Foretellix announced a new Automatic Lane-Keeping System (ALKS) verification package, the world’s first commercial solution for the newly announced ALKS regulation. The new package includes support of Mobileye Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) following a successful joint demonstration of ALKS safety regulation and compliance flow. The new verification package will help automakers address the regulatory and certification requirements of ALKS automated driving systems.

Foretellix also recently released its ADAS & Highway solution that provides an out-of-the-box, comprehensive verification package from Level 2 driver-assist technologies to Level 4 highway-focused, fully autonomous solutions. With the introduction of the new package, the solution now includes the first commercial implementation of new ALKS regulation by the UNECE, the world’s first Level 3 regulation.

Also in October, Foretellix announced it will acquire Metamoto, developer of a cloud-based solution for testing and validation of automotive software.


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