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Orient and Ricardo jointly to develop next-generation battery management system

Orient and Ricardo will jointly develop a next-generation battery management system. The system—to be designed, developed and manufactured by Singapore-based Orient Technology—will incorporate elements of the advanced battery management and control algorithm technology from Ricardo.

Established in 1994, Orient Technology (S) Pte Ltd is known for high-performance battery pack design and manufacturing, and has developed products across a wide range of applications for customers worldwide.

Ricardo’s wide-ranging experience in the field of hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack development has led Orient Technology to partner with the company to support the development of its next-generation energy storage systems.

The battery pack development support offered by Ricardo ranges from applying new cell chemistries and battery architectures to designing and building prototype packs and supporting customers through to full-scale manufacturing implementation.

Among the key areas of Ricardo expertise that Orient Technology will utilize are in the incorporation of advanced battery state and parameter prediction: this will be based on Ricardo-developed condition monitoring, modelling and control algorithms that have been proven robust across different cell chemistries and in challenging applications.



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