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XL Fleet launches XL Grid division with charging infrastructure solutions

XL Fleet, a leading provider of vehicle electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, has entered into a partnership with a commercial EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) supplier to begin the launch of its XL Grid division. XL Grid will provide charging infrastructure, energy storage and power solutions for electrified fleets. XL Fleet customers can now purchase XL Grid charging systems separately or as part of an order for vehicles with the company’s electrified powertrain.

XL Fleet currently has more than 200 fleet customers across the US and Canada and expects they will require at least 100,000 charging stations in the next several years based on their growing demand for electric vehicles. XL Fleet intends to continue expanding its XL Grid division to meet these energy demands.

XL Grid will provide an array of software, hardware and strategic partnerships to power a complete Electrification-as-a-Service solution.

Fleet electrification requires a massive rollout of vehicle charging infrastructure, and XL Fleet has the customers and data already in place to quickly deliver charging solutions through our XL Grid offering. XL Grid is a critical component of our Electrification as a Service strategy, and positions XL Fleet to provide customers with comprehensive energy solutions including charging stations, onsite energy storage, solar power, and optimized energy supply and management.

—Tod Hynes, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of XL Fleet

XL Fleet remains on track to complete its previously announced merger with Pivotal Investment Corporation II, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), in December 2020. Upon closing, the combined company will be named XL Fleet Corp. and is expected to remain listed on the New York Stock Exchange under a new ticker symbol, “XL”.


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