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BYD sells 18,220 EVs in China in November, up 128% year-on-year

Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD sold 18,220 pure-electric passenger vehicles in November, up by 22.1% from October and by 127.8% from a year earlier. November sales of plug-in hybrids passenger vehicles hit 7,333, up by 2.9% on the month and by 174.1% on the year.

Sales of pure-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids January-November 2020 were 139,246 and 69,390, respectively, down by 19.9% and 42.4% on the year.

BYD also produced 1.94 GWh of power and energy storage batteries in November, up by 28.7% from a month earlier and by 285% from a year earlier. Its January-November production fell by 9.7% from a year earlier to 10.531 GWh.

Shipments of the BYD Han EV reached 10,105 last month, with a total of 28,467 sales since July when it was released (earlier post), according to BYD. The Han is equipped with the blade battery (earlier post), which can increase energy density by at least 30% and reduce raw material costs by 30%, BYD said.

China’s NEV industry was hit by the Covid-19 outbreak in this year’s first quarter. The market began to recover in the second quarter, supported by government stimulus measures to encourage the use and purchases of such vehicles, notes Argus Media.

The country’s domestic NEV output totalled 914,000 from January-October, down by 9.2% from a year earlier, according to data from China’s automotive manufacturers association.

China’s state council has announced a development plan for the NEV industry during 2021-35, targeting a 20% share of NEVs in the country’s total vehicles sales by 2035.


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