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Plug Power & Gaussin collaborate on hydrogen-powered logistics vehicles

Plug Power Inc., a provider of hydrogen engines and fueling solutions, and Gaussin are collaborating to bring a commercial suite of ProGen-powered Gaussin transportation vehicles to market in 2021 as a solution to decarbonize the logistics ecosystem.


Gaussin designs, assembles and sells products and services in the transport and logistics field. Its know-how encompasses cargo and passenger transport, autonomous technologies allowing for self driving solutions such as Automotive Guided Vehicle, and the integration of all types of batteries, particularly electric and hydrogen fuel cells.

Integrated solutions, ranging from ProGen-powered Gaussin terminal tractors to automated guided vehicles, will use green hydrogen produced by Plug Power’s PEM electrolyzer solution.

Gaussin is a pioneer in hydrogen-powered heavy duty vehicles and brings more than two decades of experience deploying emission-free vehicles across Europe, Middle East and Asia for logistic centers, seaports and airports.

Through the integration with Plug Power’s ProGen hydrogen engines, Gaussin further positions itself as a key OEM in the emerging hydrogen economy. Plug Power and Gaussin will target new cargo markets, including logistic centers, seaports and airports in Europe, the United States, and globally beyond. The first vehicles are expected to be available commercially in early-2021.

Plug Power’s modular ProGen fuel cell engines range from 30kW to 125kW, and are designed for OEMs like Gaussin to integrate into zero-emission vehicles. The company is executing on a strategy to accelerate its PEM electrolyzer business in the US and Europe, leveraging distribution channels and developing a multi-megawatt scalable network for green hydrogen production.


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