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The TES B Battery Recycling facility in Singapore has officially opened. TES’ proprietary, hydrometallurgy process extracts materials such as lithium and cobalt at high purity levels and extraction rates making them materially and commercially viable for reuse in the forward battery supply chain.

TES is a leading global provider of IT Lifecycle Services, offering bespoke solutions that help customers manage the commissioning, deployment and retirement of Information Technology (IT) assets.

The battery recycling facility dovetails into the core service offering TES already delivers on the 3 million plus IT assets which it handles every year.

The TES facility in Singapore has the capacity to handle 14 tonnes of Lithium-ion batteries or the equivalent of 280,000 smart phones each day. If 10 kg of batteries go into the process, TES is able to capture 9 kg of usable commodity material, with a greater than 99% purity.


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