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Aeristech, a developer of electric motor technology, is expanding into aerospace. Aeristech’s aerospace facility will enable the company to begin offering its expertise in market-leading power-dense electric motors and motor controllers to the aerospace sector, including for hydrogen fuel-cell compressors, which will make it possible to reduce aviation emissions.

Aeristech’s key innovation to date is a new form of control architecture for permanent magnet variable-speed electric motors. The patented system enables motors capable of accelerating to 160,000 rpm in less than a second.

The technology also generates less heat, which allows products with higher efficiency, greater power density and continuous high power operation. Aeristech has developed a range of products based on this core technology.

Aeristech’s motor design is optimized to leverage the controller technology, allowing for higher current with shorter windings. This allows Aeristech motors to be smaller than other motors of the same power, delivering greater power density.

The planned expansion of Aeristech will see the company invest in an advanced facility in the West Midlands from which the company will deliver high tech projects with its aerospace sector partners. It will also see Aeristech take on up to 60 new roles, in highly skilled areas such as power electronics and motor drive engineering.

The expansion follows the announcement of its first partnership, HyFlyer II, which will see its technology used as part of sustainable aviation innovator ZeroAvia’s UK Government-backed project to deliver the first 19-seat hydrogen-electric powered aircraft by 2023. (Earlier post.)

Aeristech’s fuel cell compressor technology will enable ZeroAvia to achieve the power output required for a 19-seat aircraft.

Aeristech has been awarded UK Government funding through the ATI Programme of £2.75 million (US$3.7 million) for its part in the HyFlyer II project.

The company already has power-dense electric motors and motor controllers and projects underway in the automotive sector.

We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of our aerospace facility and our involvement in HyFlyer II, where we will be working with industry-leading innovator ZeroAvia to bring passenger-ready zero emissions aviation to reality. This is a significant expansion for Aeristech and highlights the potential for our technology in aerospace applications.

—Gary Elliott, CEO of the Aerospace Technology Institute


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