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Ford partnering with insurance carriers to use embedded vehicle telematics for behavior-based premiums

Ford is teaming up with insurance carriers across the US to help customers save money on premiums based on driver behavior, utilizing its built-in connectivity technology on eligible vehicles. In addition, Ford Insure and Lincoln Motor Company Insure, underwritten by Nationwide, offer a simple way to secure usage-based policies through Ford’s insurance agency subsidiary.

Already, Ford has secured agreements with State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Metromile and Verisk Data Exchange to support usage-based insurance policies, with more collaborations planned. Several more insurance carriers are under contract and will be announced in the future.

Owners of eligible Ford vehicles who select usage-based insurance policies and choose to share connected vehicle data about how they drive may qualify for discounts based on that data. Telematics data is shared with insurance carriers through Ford’s embedded modem—now standard on all new vehicles—and enables the carrier to use that information to analyze driving habits and offer potential savings.

Thanks to these agreements, Ford can help insurance carriers use connected vehicle data—without the need for plug-in devices—to inform their usage-based insurance programs, improve their underwriting process, and pass along driver behavior discounts to those Ford vehicle owners who qualify.

For Ford customers, this means that the way they drive can influence how their premiums are calculated. Details and availability of individual usage-based insurance programs from each carrier may vary.

Connected vehicle data also enables the usage-based insurance products offered through Ford Credit’s insurance agency subsidiary, American Road Services Company. Launched in 2019 with the 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, these products enhance the Ford and Lincoln customer experience with discounts of up to 40% based on driver behavior.

Customers with eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles can obtain a quote, buy a policy, and bundle their policies through the FordPass or Lincoln Way app, or by visiting fordinsure.com or lincolnmotorcompanyinsure.com.


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