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Nissan introduces all-new Note e-POWER AWD in Japan

Nissan launched the all-new Note e-POWER AWD compact car, with dual electric motors that give the driver enhanced control and acceleration.


The car comes exclusively with Nissan’s e-POWER electrified powertrain—a non-plug-in series hybrid configuration (earlier post)—and is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2021. The introduction of the all-wheel-drive model follows last month’s launch of the two-wheel-drive Nissan Note.

The Note AWD’s electric motors in the front and rear deliver power to each wheel. Increased rear-motor output enables a powerful standing start and mid-speed acceleration in a variety of driving conditions, such as snowy or wet roads. The car’s all-wheel control also enables accurate cornering and stable, smooth deceleration, with regenerative braking available on all four wheels.

Both the 2WD and 4WD models feature the second generation of Nissan’s acclaimed e-POWER electric powertrain. e-POWER offers linear and exhilarating acceleration that is unique to the 100% electric motor driven system, which has now been extensively redesigned and optimized. The system produces more power, a higher-quality driving experience, improved efficiency and cabin quietness.



I would think that it would make more sense to include a slightly larger battery and make it a plug-in hybrid but maybe there is a market for these as some people do not have a convenient place to plug in. Also, maybe they will bring out a plug-in version and a full BEV version in the not too distant future.


What is the efficiency in terms of kms per litre?
what is expected price and how does it compare with IC engine car.


@Sd, indeed, it seems obvious to add some more kWh (and Kg). It also struck me they could offer a (say) 600w solar roof and a 3 kWh battery and you could get 9-12 miles free on sunny days. (Make it an option as not everyone would want it.)
Also, a wireless charging system would be good.
However, they don't do this and may simply want it as light and as cheap as possible.


Nissan now has a Prius like car without violating patents.

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