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Oxbotica, a developer of software for autonomous vehicles, completed a $47-million Series B investment with partners across the globe led by bp ventures. The funding will accelerate Oxbotica’s commercial deployment of its autonomy software platform across multiple industries and key markets.


Oxbotica’s flagship product is Selenium: a full stack autonomy system. Selenium is an on-vehicle suite of software which, given a drive-by-wire interface and very modest compute hardware, brings full autonomy to a land-based vehicle.

Selenium has the ability to transform any suitable vehicle platform into an autonomous vehicle, both at prototype volume and at scale. It is a collection of interoperable software modules that allow the vehicle to answer three key questions: Where am I? What’s around me? What do I do next?

Selenium spans the technological spectrum, from low-level device drivers, through calibration, 4-modal localization, mapping, perception, machine learning and planning; its vertical integration also covers user interface and data export systems.

Oxbotica cited the successful fund raising as an endorsement of its go-to-market strategy, deploying its autonomy software in industrial use cases in advance of rolling out in urban passenger transportation applications in the future.

Global investors in the round include BGF, bp ventures, Halma, HostPlus, IP Group,Tencent, Venture Science, and funds advised by Doxa Partners. With financial and strategic investors in Australia, China, UK and the USA, Oxbotica is placed at the center of a global autonomy ecosystem.

Oxbotica was founded in 2014 by Oxford University professors, Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner. Since then, the company has grown from a UK robotics start-up to one of the world’s leading autonomy companies.

Oxbotica’s product is a software platform providing Universal Autonomy. It is fast to deploy, low energy, and hardware-agnostic; its is applicable to an array of vehicle types both on- and off-road.


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