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Urban Aeronautics to provide 4 CitiHawk VTOL aircraft to Hatzolah Air for EMS application

Israel-based Urban Aeronautics Ltd. reached an agreement to provide four CityHawk VTOL aircraft to Hatzolah Air for emergency medical service (EMS) applications. In addition, Hatzolah Air will become Urban Aeronautics’ official sales representative and distribution channel to other EMS and Rescue organizations worldwide. In August 2020, the two companies signed an MOU to develop, produce, and market the CityHawk aircraft for EMS applications.


CityHawk is a lightweight twin-engine VTOL (vertical take-off and landing aircraft), with a uniquely compact footprint that can be optimized for urban transportation or emergency response. It will utilize jet propulsion, with cabins that are 20 to 30% larger and much quieter than comparable helicopters. The aircraft is planned to complete its development and FAA certification for EMS use and be ready for production within three to five years.


CityHawk features Urban Aeronautics’ internal rotor Fancraft technology, which utilizes powerful ducted fans in combination with innovative aerodynamic technologies that result in superior control, stability, speed, safety, noise reduction and sustainability. Cormorant, an unmanned prototype for military use, has proven the company’s concept with more than 300 successful autonomous flight tests.

Fancraft currently uses SAFRAN Arriel 2N helicopter engines —two x 985 SHP in the CityHawk. The 2N integrates a combination of new and proven technologies. It features a new axial compressor, a new HP compressor diffuser, new HP turbine blade material and a new-generation, dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) linked to a modernized fuel system.

In June 2020, Urban Aeronautics signed an agreement with HyPoint, Inc. to advance the incorporation of hydrogen fuel cell power in its CityHawk eVTOL design.


Hatzolah Air is a 501c3 Charitable Organization that provides urgent, emergent, rescue and charitable flights for patients and those in need. Hatzolah Air currently operates fixed-wing aircraft for Hatzolah’s urgent and emergent missions and is excited to pioneer the VTOL alternative to ground-based ambulances in densely populated urban settings globally.

Urban Aeronautics’ engineers are working closely with Hatzolah’s experts to tailor the CityHawk flying ambulance to their operational requirements. It will accommodate a pilot, a patient plus companion, two EMS personnel, and a complete suite of onboard life support equipment.


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