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Rheinmetall to supply Daimler Truck Fuel Cell with hydrogen recirculation blowers

Via its subsidiary Pierburg GmbH of Neuss, Germany, the Rheinmetall Group plans to supply hydrogen recirculation blowers to Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG, the company which bundles all of Daimler AG’s activities in the field of fuel cell technology. The deal represents sales volume in the two-digit euro-million range.

The prime task of the hydrogen recirculation blowers is to recycle hydrogen not used in the fuel cell reaction back to the stack. This way, the blowers enhance the efficiency of the fuel cells while extending their service life. They also improve cold start behavior.


The Rheinmetall Group has developed a comprehensive range of products for the regulated supply of hydrogen and oxygen. As a technology enterprise and development partner of top international automakers, the Group cooperates with its customers on new technologies at the earliest possible stage. Rheinmetall has been working on fuel cell technology in its research and development activities since 2004, accumulating extensive experience in the process.

p>Daimler Truck AG intends to market serially produced fuel cell-powered heavy commercial vehicles for long-distance operations in the second half of the decade.


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