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MAFI introduces electric terminal tractor T 230e

MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH has released the T 230e, an electric version of its popular diesel T 230 terminal tractor. MAFI first announced the T 230e in September 2020. MAFI’s distributor, Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. said the truck will be available in Spring 2021.


The new electric T 230e yard truck retains all of the features that have made the diesel T 230 yard truck popular, such as its hydraulically operated fifth wheel, spacious cabin, small turning radius and great all-round visibility.


By swapping out the diesel engine for a battery with up to 177 kwh capacity, the new T 230e will provide a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly option, without loss of performance.

An E variant is also planned for the other vehicles in the T series. Other alternative drive technologies are also being considered.

We will be able to create further variants based on our battery electric vehicle (BEV). A combustion engine can be used as a power generator in the vehicle, so a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or a hydride vehicle (HEV) would be a possible option. The use of fuel cells in vehicles (FCEV) can also be implemented.

—Michael Arndt, technical director at MAFI


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