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Octillion Power Systems, a global provider of advanced lithium-ion batteries, is providing battery packs for all-electric motorcoaches and city transit buses offered by ABC Companies and Lightning eMotors. The order marks the company’s first time supplying batteries for motorcoaches and buses in North America.

With its entry into the motorcoach and bus markets, Octillion’s batteries will be used to repower popular models including Van Hool T2145e highline touring coaches and TD high-capacity double-deck coaches to 100% battery-electric power.


Coaches will be powered by an all-electric powertrain from Lightning eMotors, a developer of zero-emission vehicles for commercial fleets. The motorcoaches and city transit buses are designed and developed by Lightning eMotors at their headquarters in Loveland, Colorado.

The electric motorcoaches from Lightning eMotors and ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach sales and support in the USA and Canada, are on sale now and available throughout the United States.

While transportation is responsible for a quarter of global emissions, buses and diesel buses in particular play an outsized role in producing emissions that negatively impact the climate and environment. As people movers, they present these problems daily and up close to places where populations are most concentrated. Electrification of bus fleets has become a priority in many regions of the world, with nearly 500,000 EV buses now running globally.

Electric buses also offer the passenger less vibration, less noise, and zero exhaust. We seamlessly integrate our battery management system with the vehicle’s control unit, offering configurations of up to 800 volts and 640 kWh in capacity. That enables them to provide superior power and torque compared to diesel buses.

—Paul Beach, president, Octillion Power Systems

Octillion is a Tier 1 supplier of advanced energy storage systems focused on the electrification of passenger cars, trucks and buses. The company has delivered more than 100,000 EV batteries to the global EV market with more than 2 billion kilometers driven on its systems.

Octillion is a turnkey battery supplier for the transportation market providing its customers with a bridge from design to manufacturing. Octillion’s products undergo a robust design process, including extensive thermal modeling, fully integrated battery management systems and standardized production processes that offers a customized-package solution.


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