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TDK company TPI and Uhnder to deliver world-class localization with digital imaging radar for autonomous platforms

Trusted Positioning Inc. (TPI), a TDK Group Company and leader in inertial navigation software, and Uhnder, a leader in digital radar technology have partnered to develop a localization reference design with world-class accuracy and performance with Uhnder’s software-defined digital radar sensor and TPI’s AUTO positioning software.

The partnership between Uhnder and TPI will enable end customers to use the reference design to quickly incorporate Uhnder radar with TPI AUTO software to obtain lane-level positioning accuracy in all environments and progress their products to market quicker.


The combined solution provides lane-level positioning accuracy in urban areas where GNSS fails, and under all weather and lighting conditions where cameras and lidars face environmental challenges.


TPI has a world-class engineering team with a sensor fusion pedigree of integrating inertial sensors, GNSS and radar.

Uhnder’s innovative, fully digital 4D software-defined imaging radar technology uses Digital Code Modulation (DCM) to replace traditional analog frequency modulation. This patent-pending architecture enables unrivaled angular resolution and interference rejection.

Uhnder’s use of DCM also allows High Contrast Resolution (HCR) to resolve juxtaposed objects previously undetectable by traditional radar sensors, especially in long distances.

Using Uhnder imaging radar, we can now apply our sophisticated positioning algorithms and provide customers with unmatched accuracy that was not previously possible with other radars. Autonomous platforms require accuracy, reliable and integrity in all environments without compromise. Operating within a different frequency spectrum, radar sensors have long promised a new perception input that complements cameras and lidar for positioning integrity, but few imaging radars have delivered on implementation. The Uhnder radar sensor, combined with our AUTO software, is the first system to deliver on this promise.

—Chris Goodall, Managing Director of TPI

TDK Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of TDK, participated in Uhnder’s recent Series C funding round.

Launched in 2015 by Manju Hegde and Curtis Davis, Uhnder is the only pure-play radar supplier delivering both digital radar chips and systems. Uhnder’s first customer, Magna, is deploying a next-generation, automotive-grade, mass-market sensor highlighting the advantages of Uhnder’s Digital Radar-on-Chip (RoC).


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