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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences launched the SYNERXIA Gemstone Collection, the next advancement in its high-performance yeasts. The new collection from the XCELIS platform includes SYNERXIA SAPPHIRE and SYNERXIA RUBY—two high-yield yeasts designed for the unique needs of ethanol producers.

This marks the first time that DuPont has co-launched two high-yield yeasts. SYNERXIA SAPPHIRE brings the most powerful combination of yield, robustness and enzyme expression in a yeast. It offers enhanced ethanol yield increase paired with thermotolerance and infection robustness in fermentation and has been genetically engineered to withstand harsh stressors, while still finishing fermentation with ultra-low DP1.

SYNERXIA SAPPHIRE has been engineered to provide a strong ethanol yield increase compared to conventional yeast and powers through fermentation finishing clean when ethanol producers encounter hot fermentations or severe infections. The product also expresses enough glucoamylase to displace up to 80% of the glucoamylase injected to fermentation. The yeast’s strong expression of the powerful glucoamylase offers reduced residual starch for many producers.

SYNERXIA RUBY is the highest yielding yeast available today from the XCELIS platform, delivering performance to producers via a patented PKL pathway and additional targeted genetic modifications. It produces less acetic acid compared to SYNERXIA THRIVE GX and enables up to 65% glucoamylase reduction.

The SYNERXIA Gemstone Collection will give ethanol producers flexibility in responding to their individual plant needs while ensuring high ethanol yield and minimal waste.

—Hans Foerster, global marketing director, DuPont Biorefineries


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