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Constellium & Novelis establish Alumobility to provide innovative, technical aluminum design solutions to advance automotive mobility

Constellium, in partnership with Novelis, launched Alumobility, a non-profit organization focused on providing innovative implementation-ready solutions to advance the adoption of aluminum automotive body sheet.

This global ecosystem of the leading aluminum and technology partners expects to drive value for automakers and consumers by helping to fulfill the promise of a lighter, more efficient, more sustainable mobility future. Through collaborative technical projects and thought leadership, as well as working in partnership with global automotive manufacturers, Alumobility’s objective is to help further develop smarter, lighter, safer, and more sustainable vehicles.

Automakers continue to rely on lightweight, high-strength, sustainable aluminum to shape the future of mobility. To further their efforts, Alumobility has already developed technical studies that address the next-generation aluminum door and an all-aluminum structural B-pillar. The resulting design solutions underscore that aluminum can effectively compete with other materials for mass production vehicles at an attractive cost to manufacturers.

The technical work published by Alumobility will reinforce the vital role of lightweight, sustainable aluminum, particularly for electric vehicles, while increasing recycling and reducing carbon emissions throughout the lifecycle.

—Jack Clark, Vice President of Alumobility and Constellium’s SVP of Manufacturing & CTO

An executive director, who will be named in the coming weeks, will lead the organization, which is governed by a board of directors representing member companies.

Alumobility will include additional member companies with downstream expertise, such as joining, forming, and other specialized manufacturing processes that actively contribute to increasing the adoption of aluminum auto body sheet. Members will be required to contribute unique technical expertise and support Alumobility marketing initiatives. All resulting work will be available upon request. The independent member companies will not share commercial or production resources.


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