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Aurora enters long-term, global, strategic collaboration with Toyota and Denso for self-driving cars at scale

Autonomous driving software company Aurora has entered a long-term, global, and strategic collaboration with Toyota and Denso, one of the largest global manufacturers and tier-one automotive suppliers, respectively, to build and globally deploy self-driving cars at scale.

This collaboration has two primary goals:

  1. To develop and test driverless-capable vehicles equipped with the Aurora Driver, starting with the Toyota Sienna. By the end of 2021, we expect to have designed, built, and begun testing an initial fleet of these Siennas near our areas of development, including the Aurora Test Site Network.

  2. To lay the groundwork for the mass-production, launch, and support of these vehicles with Toyota on ride-hailing networks, including Uber’s, over the next few years.

As part of this long-term effort, Aurora will be exploring mass production of key autonomous driving components with Denso and a comprehensive services solution with Toyota for when these vehicles are deployed at scale, including financing, insurance, maintenance, and more.

Toyota has an unparalleled legacy, engineering expertise, leadership, and ability to deliver high-quality, affordable, and reliable vehicles. They’re also the preferred vehicle brand for transporting riders on ride-hailing networks, so we’re excited and honored to work with them to unlock driverless mobility services with the Aurora Driver. Our development work on highway driving to support our first commercial product, a driverless truck, will also be critical for safely moving people, as a significant fraction of ride-share bookings today require the ability to drive over 50 mph.

—Chris Urmson, Aurora CEO

By combining our expertise and know-how in vehicle control systems, mass-production, Connected Car technology, and our advanced safety support systems with Aurora’s industry-leading approach to self-driving technology, we aim to commercialize and deliver safe, high-quality, and affordable autonomous ride-sharing vehicles and services.

—Keiji Yamamoto, Operating Officer of Toyota and President of Connected Company

In January, PACCAR and Aurora signed a global, strategic agreement to develop, test and commercialize autonomous Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. This collaboration will integrate PACCAR’s autonomous vehicle platform with the Aurora Driver to enhance the safety and operational efficiency of PACCAR’s customers. (Earlier post.)

The Aurora Driver is designed to enable any vehicle type, from passenger sedans to class-8 trucks, to move safely and efficiently.


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