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Leclanché SA has developed a modular, all-in-one, high-performance battery system optimized for powering new and retrofit hybrid and fully electric commercial vehicles.

INT-39 Energy HV pack (INT-39 Energy) is a fully integrated product comprising Leclanché’s advanced M2 battery modules, powered by its high density and high life cycle 60 Ah graphite/NMC (nickel manganese cobalt oxide) Li-ion cells; and the company’s proprietary battery management system (BMS). It also features built-in liquid-cooling and thermal hazard protection enhancing its ability to work safely in a wide range of environments.


An optional IoT tool allows remote data logging and real-time access to battery status, performance and diagnostic data for optimizing fleet operations.

The company’s 60 Ah cells and M2 modules are manufactured by Leclanché in Germany and Switzerland, respectively. The cells provide cycle-life of 8,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge at 1C/1C. INT-39 Energy is available as a 657V pack with an energy capacity of 39.4 kWh and can be expanded to include as many as eight packs providing up to 315 kWh of energy capacity.

The system is designed for installation where fossil fuel tanks are normally located but can be placed into other locations, including vehicle roofs, based on manufacturers’ preferences.

INT-39 Energy HV has been certified for on-road applications by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, ECE R-100.02 rev 2, which addresses the safety requirements specific to the electric power train of road vehicles including rechargeable battery systems. It is also rated to ingress protection level IP65.

Orders are being taken now for delivery in early 2021.


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