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Volta Trucks selects Meritor to supply electric drivetrain for the Volta Zero

Volta Trucks has selected Meritor as the strategic drivetrain component supplier for the Volta Zero electric truck. This major purchasing milestone will support the delivery of Volta Zero vehicles for customer trials during 2021, and the start of series production around 12 months afterwards.

The Volta Zero will be the first full-electric large commercial vehicle in Europe to use an innovative eAxle to drive the rear wheels. Meritor will supply the single unit, containing the electric motor, transmission, and rear axle of the Volta Zero, with its Blue Horizon 14Xe integrated ePowertrain.


Meritor’s 14Xe ePowertrain uses the proven 14X axle housing which maintains existing axle mounting hardware for ease of OEM integration. The modular system enables the interchangeability of key components, including electric motors, transmissions, gearing, brakes, wheel ends, and housings. The 14Xe is designed for scalability and can be adapted to fit various powertrain needs based on the vehicle application and duty cycle.

The 14Xe all-electric, fully integrated electric powertrain for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, is lighter and more efficient than a conventional electric motor and axle set-up, delivering an increased range as a result.

It also provides packaging benefits by freeing up space between the chassis rails to provide the safest possible location for the vehicle’s battery.

The Volta Zero is a purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne vehicle designed for inner-city freight deliveries, reducing the environmental impact of freight deliveries in city centers. The Volta Zero is designed from the ground up with an operating pure-electric range of 150 - 200 km (95 – 125 miles).

The operator of a Volta Zero sits in a central driving position, with a much lower seat height than a conventional truck. This combination, plus a glass house-style cab design, gives the driver a wide 220-degrees of visibility, minimizing dangerous blind spots.

The prototype Volta Zero was launched in September 2020, with the first vehicles expected to be operating with customers in late 2021.


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