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Electrify America, the nation’s largest public ultra-fast charging network, has added 30 solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with two Level 2 chargers each to its network in the state of California.

The off-grid, standalone chargers are strategically located throughout the Central Valley and inland areas of Southern California, intended to provide greater access to sustainable EV charging for drivers in rural parts of the state.


Electrify America’s EV charging infrastructure plans in California include a commitment to increasing access to EV charging infrastructure in rural areas of the state, to both facilitate regional travel and drive adoption of EVs in rural communities.

With complimentary charging, the new solar units help combat two of the biggest barriers to EV adoption in these locations: access to public charging and affordability. The network ensured that more than half of these chargers were located in disadvantaged and low income communities.

Twenty of the 30 solar-powered charging stations are located at health care centers. With input from public and private stakeholders, Electrify America identified educational and health care institutions as ideal charging points due to high amounts of traffic and extended hours of access. Locations were selected after further analyzing communities with the greatest need for charging, existing charging options and local travel patterns, among other factors.

Ten solar-powered charging stations were deployed in coordination with the Fresno County Rural Transit Agency. All thirty EV ARC charging stations were sourced from Beam Global (formerly Envision Solar), the San-Diego based clean tech company that manufactures the durable EV ARC infrastructure products in California.

Onboard ARC Technology energy storage enables the chargers to operate at night, in inclement weather and in the event of a blackout or power outage.



> the nation’s largest public ultra-fast charging network

What country are you talking about?

I know you're referring to the USA here but not all of your readers on the internet are from the USA. You could at least state the country.


Electrify America


For many US-Americans (too many) the world begins and ends at the continental borders of the US. Most are unaware of the fact that when referring to America most people worldwide relate that expression to the two continents constituting America namely, North- and South America. The US is located on the North American continent together with Canada. The US is a part of the NA-continent and is not America itself. Using the term America when meaning the US is a sign of over-boarding and exaggerated confidence not meant to imply a certain arrogance. Electrify America is a great slogan but for the present it would suffice to limit that to "Electrify the US".


"Electrify America operates an electric vehicle DC fast charging network
in the United States..." - Wiki

[Electrify America operates an electric vehicle DC fast charging network in the United States

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FWIW Electrify America (a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America) actually has charging stations across Canada, though it is called Electrify Canada.

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