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Heritage to build Li-ion battery reuse and recycling facility in SW US

In collaboration with Romeo Power, Inc., a provider of large-scale electrification solutions for complex commercial applications, Heritage Battery Recycling (HBR) will develop a Li-ion battery reuse and recycling facility sited in the southwestern United States.

The Heritage Group and Heritage Environmental Services, Inc. launched a new division, Heritage Battery Recycling (HBR), in late 2020 to address growing market demand for safe, sustainable solutions for lithium-ion batteries near or at end-of-life. HBR’s goal is to recover and reuse critical battery precursor resources that exist in finite supply across the globe.

To jumpstart efficiencies in transportation and logistics for HBR’s battery collection operations across North America, Heritage partnered with Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc., a provider of parts cleaning, used oil re-refining, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste services primarily focused on small and mid-sized customers.

Crystal Clean’s extensive network of 89 branch locations, advanced logistic operations and long-standing customer relationships across the automotive sector position it as an optimal partner for HBR.

Together, Heritage and Crystal Clean bring HBR access to more than 100,000 customer locations, 2,500 knowledgeable employees, a fleet of more than 1,300 power units and 108 facility locations across North America.

HBR is investing in technology, partnerships and people to help identify the highest and best use of reduced capacity electric vehicle batteries and establishing best practices for recycling or refurbishment.

Heritage’s experience with safely handling hazardous waste and managing total byproduct programs with many auto OEMs, makes it a fit for collaboration with automotive manufacturers facing this industry-wide challenge.


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