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Hyliion introduces next-generation battery module for Class 8 hybrid systems; Toshiba LTO cells

Hyliion Holdings, a provider of electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles, instroduced its next generation battery module which integrates Toshiba’s LTO cells with Hyliion’s technology to achieve longer battery life, higher charging rates and improved safety. Building on Hyliion’s proprietary battery system, the battery module will be incorporated into the next evolution of Hyliion’s Hybrid system.


Leveraging previous battery experience and incorporating enhancements for improved battery cooling, the new module delivers multiple benefits tied to performance and allows for more than a 40% improvement in cooling compared to the previous system. Key benefits include:

  • Longer Life – Hyliion’s improved battery module is capable of up to 5 times as much cycle life than a conventional EV battery.

  • Higher Charging Rates – Improved heat dissipation allows for higher charge and discharge rates of the battery and longer sustained power output.

  • Speed – The battery can be recharged in under 8 minutes, an unprecedented charge time compared to other EV battery solutions.

  • Safety –The new module design reduces the operating temperature of the cells allowing for a safer operating environment.

The design has already passed UN 38.3 battery testing procedures and offers improvements to withstand the stresses and rigors incurred on the road.

Hyliion’s Hybrid system can be installed on most major Class 8 commercial vehicles to help reduce fuel usage, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, improve performance, and reduce operating costs. The Hybrid system is already in service across North America including deployments with industry leading transportation and logistics fleets.

The Hybrid solution is one of Hyliion’s two electrified powertrain systems for long-haul Class 8 commercial vehicles; the other is the coming Hypertruck ERX. Hypertruck ERX pairs a downsized generator with a small battery pack.


Hyliion’s electrified powertrain solutions utilize proprietary battery and software systems, combined with electric motors and power electronics, to produce an electrified powertrain platform that can be used to either augment, in the case of the Hybrid system, or fully replace, in the case of the Hypertruck ERX, traditional diesel or compressed natural gas (CNG) powertrains and improve their performance.

Hyliion solutions are designed to be fuel-agnostic, giving customers the greatest flexibility to choose vehicles that best fit their overall strategy in their transition to electrified transportation.


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