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Enel Green Power and Saras team up to develop green hydrogen

Enel Green Power and Saras signed a memorandum of intent to develop a green hydrogen project in Sardinia. The solution being studied involves using a 20 MW electrolyzer powered by renewable energy produced onsite to provide green hydrogen to be used as a raw material in the Saras refinery at the Sarroch industrial site in the province of Cagliari.

In the context of the energy transition, hydrogen can make a valuable contribution to the decarbonization of energy-intensive industries such as the chemicals, aviation, maritime and non-electrified rail transport sectors, provided it is produced sustainably.

Enel Green Power is committed to implementing and developing projects for the production and use of green or renewable hydrogen, produced via electrolysis of water powered exclusively by renewable electricity. Therefore, the Group has begun to look at new business models that include the supply of green hydrogen for the decarbonization of industrial sectors, with partnerships and projects already under development in Chile, Spain, the United States and Italy.

Saras has technological capabilities and know-how in the production and management of hydrogen, and currently has several studies underway to explore various decarbonization processes in the production and use of this energy vector. Through a distributed network, hydrogen is an integral part of Saras’ refining process for its use in hydrocracking and hydrotreatment processes. It is now provided by the IGCC complex and two reforming units on the industrial site.

Saras Group is one of Europe’s leading oil refining operators and is also active in the power generation sector.


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