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Logistics company Girteka purchases 2,000 Volvo FH diesel trucks

Girteka Logistics, one of Europe’s leading logistics companies, is purchasing 2,000 of the latest generation Volvo FH trucks. Improved safety, increased driver comfort and reduced fuel consumption are among the expected gains with this major fleet renewal.


Girteka Logistics, based in Lithuania, has 15,000 truck drivers and 8,000 trucks, operating a large network in Europe and Russia.

Volvo Trucks recently launched a completely new range of heavy duty trucks, including the flagship for long distance transports—the Volvo FH. The I-Save version of the Volvo FH combines an extra fuel-efficient engine and advanced fuel-saving features, allowing the latest I-Save version to cut fuel costs by up to 10 percent. Of the 2,000 new trucks ordered by Girteka a big part will be I-Save trucks.

Girteka Logistics has historically been financing most of their Volvo trucks using Volvo Financial Services and the majority of the 2,000 trucks included in the new deal will follow the same structure.

Production start of Volvo Trucks’ new heavy duty range is set for March 2021 and the trucks will be delivered to Girteka Logistics during the year.


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