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ZF transmission software upgrade improves fuel economy of NYC buses 6-14%

ZF recently completed software upgrades to first-generation EcoLife tranmissions in 740 New York City Transit buses, resulting in significantly improve fuel economy (6-14%), and thus resulting in an annual savings of approximately $1.6 million or 720,000 gallons of fuel.

The upgraded software 2.0.4 enables the earlier EcoLife variants to realize nearly the same improved fuel economy of EcoLife 2, ZF’s second generation of its popular 6-speed automatic transmission. Test fleets are currently running (or scheduled) to transfer the experience gained in New York City to other large metropolitan fleets.


ZF’s EcoLife 2

Through an easy and inexpensive software upgrade, ZF can offer remarkable fuel and emission savings to past EcoLife customers. In addition to the 740 NYCT busses, there are currently about 3,000 buses running in the US and Canada that could benefit from this software upgrade. Second only to cars, buses are the most important means of transportation for passengers and play a critical role toward ZF’s ‘Vision Zero’ goal of eliminating emissions.

—Sebastien Braun, head of ZF Axle and Transmission Systems for Buses and Coaches, North America

ZF’s 6-speed automatic transmission, EcoLife, is in its second generation and boasts several advantages including improved fuel economy capabilities with stop/start, efficiency opportunities through optimized shifts and speed range and reduced service time.



I wonder how long they were sitting on this possibility and why it took so long.
Did the possibilities only become apparent after they had done the Ecolife 2 upgrade, or did no one care that much (about fuel economy) at the time of the first one.
I am not suggesting a conspiracy, it is just funny how things evolve and improve.

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