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Uniper and Port of Rotterdam Authority start feasibility study for green hydrogen plant at Maasvlakte

Uniper and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are investigating the possibilities of large-scale production of green hydrogen at the Maasvlakte area in Rotterdam. The parties have the ambition to build a hydrogen plant on the site of Uniper by 2025 with a capacity of 100MW and to expand this capacity to 500MW. The feasibility study will be completed this summer.

In the production of green hydrogen, renewable energy is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis. Maasvlakte is an ideal location for the production of green hydrogen. Renewable electricity from offshore wind farms will come ashore here, and various relevant facilities are already available on the Uniper site.

After the successful prequalification for the EU IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) programme, the conceptual design and the technical dimensions of the new hydrogen plant will be developed in the next few months. The potential market for sustainable hydrogen, both in the Rotterdam port area and in Germany, will be looked into. In due course, supply to major industrial complexes in North Rhine-Westphalia will also be possible through pipelines.

The project team is also looking at options for import, storage, and export at Maasvlakte.


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