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Omnitek Engineering receives EURO VI-E certification for 13-liter natural gas engine

Omnitek Engineering Corp. has received EURO VI-E certification for its OT13 heavy-duty natural gas engine. The 13-liter natural gas engine, which will be marketed worldwide in countries where this emissions requirement is mandated, can be utilized for truck and bus applications, and provides 420 hp and 1,960 N·m of torque—essentially equivalent to diesel engine performance levels.

Euro VI-E entered into force on 1 September 2020 in Europe for new types and will apply to all new engines from 1 September 2021. This stage includes consideration of cold-start emissions in data evaluation of the portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) testing, as well as the measurement and evaluation of particle number (PN) during the on-road test.

Particle Number (PN) measurement is included in Euro VI Step E from the beginning for compression-ignition engines. For positive-ignition engines (natural gas mainly in heavy duty) the PN will need to be declared for monitoring purposes for new type approved vehicles from 1 January 2021 and will need to be complied with from 1 January 2023.


Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering, said achieving the EURO VI-E emissions standard was the result of extensive engine development initiatives and the incorporation of Omnitek’s patented natural gas engine management system components and a high-efficiency catalytic converter.


Brian Paul Dumas

well here go again , here we go again with more pie in the sky stuff about and relating to CNG/LNG , basically natural gas .
Nice theory but where I live in a rural country in arkansas the only natural gas is
the piping in the ground for intown localed homes and business , everyone in the
country and even many town dwellers use propane , eg there is no fuel grade
natural gas available . alot of retail propane suppliers however but the price of
propane swings widely depending on the season, summer goes down cause you're
not heating, winter goes up alot .
I'm sure all this engineering Omniteck did is very state of the art but its still a bust ,
electric transit buses are competing surprising well against I/C buses eg NG and
diesel , however both natural gas and electric have totally insurmountable
infrastructure issues .
Much of the infrastructure in the US eg , gas, electric, telephone , piplines and
so forth has been largely built out about as far as it will ever go .
I formeley would have speak occassionally to a real estate person in southern
NM and she told me the electric company charged 20,000$ a mile to install
phone cables to your lot .
All this infrastructure talk is all very nice but its in the realm of real world fiscal
limitations .

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