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Glacial Lakes Energy joins SCS CCS project

Glacial Lakes Energy (GLE) announces that its four biorefineries have joined the Summit Carbon Solutions (SCS) carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project announced last week. (Earlier post.)

The project is projected to result in an annual reduction of 10 million tons of carbon dioxide or the carbon footprint equivalent of 2 million autos.

Glacial Lakes Energy has signed an offtake agreement with Summit to supply the carbon dioxide at its plants located in Huron, Aberdeen, Mina, and Watertown. This partnership will allow more than 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide to be captured, transported, and deposited deep underground through Summit’s transportation and storage platform which originates in Iowa and concludes in North Dakota.

Glacial Lakes Energy is a four-plant biorefinery company operating in central and northeast South Dakota and solely owned by more than 4,000 shareholders of Glacial Lakes Corn Processors. On an annual basis, Glacial Lakes Energy purchases 125 million bushels of locally grown corn and converts it to more than 360 million gallons of ethanol, more than 1 million tons of the highest quality livestock feed, and 5,000 tons of the most renewable corn oil.


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