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First deployment of BAE’s next-gen Series-EV electric propulsion system in NA to be in Vancouver buses

Fifteen public buses in Vancouver, Canada, will be fitted with BAE Systems’ all-electric propulsion system, allowing them to run free of emissions. The fleet is the first in North America to benefit from the next-generation Series-EV technology (earlier post).

Series-EV eliminates the need for traditional combustion engines through the use of electric motors, controls, and batteries, creating a clean and efficient mode of transportation. The latest version of BAE Systems’ technology uses fewer, lighter, and more compact components. Its light weight, reduced number of connections, and use of advanced materials make it easy to install and extremely efficient, enabling the buses to travel longer distances on a single charge.

BAE Systems’ Series-EV system builds on more than 25 years of innovation and proven technology that powers buses around the world. The company’s all-electric systems are on buses in service throughout Europe, including cities such as London and Paris.

BAE Systems has more than 13,000 propulsion systems in service on transit buses around the globe.


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