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Magna unveiled its all-new connected plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) drivetrain and next-gen battery electric (BEV) drive systems. Both systems were on full display at the company’s Winter Test driving location in northern Sweden.


Magna EtelligentEco PHEV

The Magna EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 38%, offers a cloud connectivity feature allowing it to perform several new functions previously not possible. It accounts for local electricity sources when charging is required and recommends a greener power option to the driver.

Additionally, the driver can employ smart cruise control and eco routing which includes topology and traffic status to help determine the most efficient path to a destination. The combination of these features with its specially-tuned operating software and controls, and its all-new dedicated hybrid transmission, enable significant CO2 reductions.

The hybrid transmission features a 120-kW e-motor at its functional core. The system performs in dynamic driving situations, as well as launch and reverse driving, all in electric mode. The Magna EtelligentEco offers a driving range of 62 miles.


Magna EtelligentReach AWD BEV

The Magna EtelligentReach is an all-electric AWD solution with next-gen technology options including intelligent operating software and controls. The advanced technology now delivers a range increase and further enhanced driving dynamics. With innovation upgrades to the software and hardware, the range is extended another 20%—more than 145 km in total—when compared to existing vehicles in production.

In addition, the latest updates include an advanced decoupling function, inverters with silicon carbide technology, and a further-improved operating software, which result in advancements that will benefit all of Magna’s electric drive solutions and next-generation hybrid drives.



Through the Ground hybrids make sense.

Prashanta Dhakal

Out of curiosity, who buys Magna's vehicle platforms? All the big guys have their own, I'd imagine.


They did the Focus EV for example.


But meanwhile Ford has switched to VW's MEB platform.


Magna International customers include all major automakers (58) - ref:
Magna also makes complete vehicles for many of these companies, e.g. Mercedes Benz G Class, Toyota GR Supra, BMW 5 Series and Z4, and Jaguar I-Pace (the EV).

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