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Porsche presents two new eBikes

Porsche is expanding its range of e-mobility products and introducing two new e-bikes to the market. The roadworthy features of the Porsche eBike Sport make it suited for everyday life, while the Porsche eBike Cross is designed for rough terrain.

The full-suspension carbon frame featuring an organic shape inspired by the lines of the Porsche Taycan, the powerful, latest-generation Shimano motor and the Magura high-performance brakes are just three of the features that ensure top performance. Both models were developed in collaboration with eBike expert Rotwild and are manufactured in Dieburg, Germany.

Porsche eBike Sport. The Porsche eBike Sport is designed for daily rides, whether in the city or countryside, on the way to work or enjoying some free time. The new, powerful and ultra-compact Shimano EP8 motor, which provides motor support up to 25 km/h, and Shimano electronic gear shifting system guarantee optimum performance.

With Magura high-performance brakes that are integrated into the handlebars, the Porsche eBike Sport has a clean and compact cockpit. Suspension components such as the Magura upside-down suspension fork and the Fox rear shock absorber, in combination with smooth-running tires, provide a sporty and balanced ride on asphalt or gentle terrain.

Porsche eBike Cross. The powerful motor, newly developed by Shimano, demonstrates its full ability in difficult terrain and delivers maximum performance while maintaining a natural riding sensation. The Magura-MT Trail high-performance brakes have extra-large, heat-resistant brake discs that ensure optimum deceleration, while the mechanical Shimano XT 12-fold shifting system enables fast gear changes according to the rider’s needs and the terrain.

The hydraulically adjustable Crankbrothers Highline seat post ensures the seat can be quickly adjusted to varying degrees in order to find the perfect position. The ergonomically designed handlebars guarantee full control at all times. They feature the Shimano color display, which shows not only speed but also distance and range in real time. The clean design is rounded out by a full-suspension carbon frame.

Porsche eBike SPORT_CROSS_Taycan Cross Turismo_rear carrier_on the road

Both models were inspired by the sporty character of the Porsche Taycan. Porsche has also developed a unique strong load-bearing rear carrier for the new Taycan Cross Turismo that can be easily installed, and is perfectly designed for transporting the eBikes.

With long wheel rails and a high payload of 50 kilograms, up to two eBikes can be mounted and the tailgate can still be opened while loaded. The carrier can also be used universally for different types of bikes and can be upgraded with an additional rail for a third bike if desired.



I don't really get this, but I suppose it is so Porsche car owners can make this clear even if they are on bikes. They might have been better making normal bikes rather than low power e-bikes that max out at 25 kph, or at least do both.

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