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TECO 2030 to supply Marine Fuel Cell System to an undisclosed shipowner for a zero-emission vessel

TECO 2030 ASA has signed a letter of intent with an undisclosed European shipowner for engineering support and delivery of a TECO 2030 Marine Fuel Cell system used for zero-emission propulsion. (Earlier post.) This LoI is related to one vessel.


The TECO Marine Fuel Cell System is a 1.2 MW PEM Module specifically for heavy duty marine application. Based on 20 years of Fuel Cell development experience by AVL, it features a modular design, enabling system configuration in megawatt scale.



Since this comes in 400KW modules, that should cover any reasonably large boat. Of course, the storage and/or reforming for hydrogen, ammonia or methanol might not scale so well, but there is a great possibility of at last driving a stake through the heart of marine diesel, with its attendant GHG, pollution and unreliability.

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