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Mullen Technologies announced a strategic partnership with NexTech Batteries as an EV battery supplier and key partner for battery development and technologies. NexTech Batteries was founded in early 2016 and was the result of the exclusive license to the rights and patents to the lithium sulfur battery technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Mullen plans to produce more than 100,000 electric vehicles over 5 years using NexTech lithium sulfur (Li-S) pouch format batteries. NexTech’s sulfur is sourced from recycling oil refinement by-products. These materials are fully recyclable, sustainable, ubiquitously available and inexpensive.

In November 2020, NexTech announced achieving more than 400 Wh/kg in a practical system. NexTech produced several full-scale pouch format cell prototypes using its proprietary cathode and electrolyte materials producing 410Wh/kg of specific energy at a weight only slightly below 30g.

NexTech’s patented novel nanoparticulate cathode active material combines Directa’s G+ graphene nanoplatelets with sulfur.

Mullen Technologies is a Southern California-based licensed vehicle manufacturer that operates in various verticals of the businesses, focusing on the automotive industry: Mullen Automotive, Mullen Energy, Mullen Auto Sales, Mullen Funding Corp. and CarHub.


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