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Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen to develop and build five green hydrogen plants

Saipem and Alboran Hydrogen signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the joint development and the construction of five plants for the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis. Three of the plants will be in Italy and the other two in the Mediterranean basin.

As a global solution provider in the energy and infrastructure sector, Saipem will be engaged with the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the plants, as part of the development and eventual implementation activities. Alboran Hydrogen, operating in the development of renewable projects, will take care to coordinate the technological aspects with the research institutes concerned, as well as of the authorization activities for the development of the plants, and of the supply chain agreements.

The agreement proposes, among the various possible initiatives identified, the development and creation of a green hydrogen hub located in Puglia (Italy), through the construction of three plants in the territories of Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia with the participation of the National Energy Technology District, La Sapienza University, the Salento University and the Brindisi Research Center (Cittadella della Ricerca di Brindisi). This initiative fits within the objectives set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The agreement also provides for the development and the construction of two additional plants in the Mediterranean basin, specifically in Albania and Morocco. The latter will concern the production of ammonia from green hydrogen.

Saipem is a leading company in the engineering, drilling and construction of major projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. It is “One-Company” organized into five business divisions (Offshore E&C, Onshore E&C, Offshore Drilling, Onshore Drilling and XSIGHT, dedicated to conceptual design).

Alboran Hydrogen, owned by the Alboran Group of the Pratesi family of Florence, and the Enit Group of the D’Amato family of Verona, is a leading company in the development of energy production plants from renewable sources and collaborates with the European office of Jeremy Rifkin and with Green Hydrogen Project, in the development of new systems and technologies applied to the production of green hydrogen.


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