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BRUSA and STARD to develop and market electric powertrain components for motorsport; new STARDxBRUSA brand

Swiss industry leading EV powertrain and power electronics development specialist BRUSA Elektronik AG, and Austrian EV motorsport frontrunner STARD have taken take their close cooperation to the next level by signing an agreement to co-develop and market current and next-generation high-performance e-motors, inverters, DC-DC converters, and development services for motorsport and special applications.


STARDxBRUSA electric motors

Meanwhile over 10 years of project-based cooperation and development partnership, BRUSA Elektronik AG equipped various STARD in-house developed vehicles with its components. Just two of the most recent examples are STARD´s ERX electric powertrain system, as used in the first road-car-bodyshell-based EV FIA international series introduced as “Projekt E” as part of the 2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship, and the world’s first Rally2 (previously R5)-based EV race car, the STARD Citroën Racing C3 ERX which was co-developed with Citroën Racing.

STARDxBRUSA Inverter & E-Motor

STARDxBRUSA inverter & e-motor

Additional aspects of the agreement offer BRUSA direct access to STARD’s battery development, electronic system and entire vehicle integration and development competence and experience, while STARD will take a leading role in customer support and servicing of the common STARDxBRUSA product portfolio.

Vienna-based R&D specialist STARD has an extensive line-up of entirely in-house developed systems and services for the high performance EV environment, including, but not limited to:

  • FIA-certified turnkey powertrain kits

  • FIA-certified HV battery packs

  • VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) software incl. full torque vectoring

  • Electric and electronic packages

  • Proprietary motorsport and high-performance transmissions

  • Turnkey entire vehicle development and production

A current range of STARDxBRUSA E-motors, inverters and DC-DC converters supplied by STARD is already available to customers and in use at projects such as Hayden Paddon’s Hyundai New Zealand EV Rallycar and ERX Team Ferratum’s Ford Fiesta ERX.


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