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Westport Fuel Systems Inc. announced co-investment with its Tier 1 global injector manufacturing partner to expand their production facility in Yantai, China to supply jointly developed and proprietary fuel injectors to the growing global market for HPDI 2.0 (High Pressure Direct Injection 2.0).

HPDI 2.0 is a fully OEM-integrated system that enables heavy-duty trucks to operate on natural gas with reduced fuel costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and diesel-like performance.

HPDI 2.0 consists of a fully integrated “tank-to-tip” solution, with a cryogenic tank and integral high pressure liquefied natural gas (LNG) pump mounted on the chassis of the truck and plumbed to the engine where fuel pressure is regulated before being supplied to the injectors via high pressure fuel rails.


At the heart of the engine is a patented injector with a dual concentric needle design. It allows for small quantities of diesel fuel and large quantities of natural gas to be delivered at high pressure to the combustion chamber. The natural gas is injected at the end of the compression stroke.

We have shared a critical engineering and manufacturing partnership with one of the world’s leading tier 1 injector manufacturers and its predecessor company for HPDI fuel injectors since our first-generation HPDI product and are pleased to jointly invest in continued growth. Investment in the Yantai facility to expand manufacturing capacity responds to the growing global demand for clean, cost-effective heavy-duty trucks powered by HPDI 2.0, particularly in Europe and China. The investment also allows the state-of-the-art facility to be further scaled relatively easily to meet future growth in Europe, in China and then in the rest of the world.

—David M. Johnson, CEO of Westport Fuel Systems

The demand for Westport’s HPDI 2.0 fuel system is growing in Europe as is the availability of bioLNG, with many European countries now producing renewable gas. The transition to net-zero carbon solutions for the transport sector is well underway in Europe, where renewable gas accounts for about 17% of all gas fuel consumed by road transportation.

Fleet operators are making investments to support net-zero carbon commitments through the purchase of HPDI 2.0 powered trucks fueled with renewable gas and at the same time realizing ongoing operating cost savings from a product capable of meeting a fleet’s most demanding performance requirements.

According to Natural Gas Vehicle Association of Europe there are more than 11,000 LNG-fueled trucks on the road in Europe. The LNG fueling network has more than doubled since 2017 and there are now almost 400 LNG refueling stations across Europe.

Europe aims to be a carbon-neutral continent by 2050 and China has pledged to be carbon-neutral by 2060. HPDI 2.0 is fully capable of using renewal gas and thereby provides a cost-effective pathway to achieving carbon neutrality in heavy-duty, long haul trucking.


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