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Schaeffler secures volume orders for commercial vehicle electric traction motors, hybrid modules

Schaeffler has secured a volume production order to supply electric motors to a key manufacturer in the commercial vehicle sector, starting in 2023. The 800 V motor, used in pairs in battery-powered vehicles, delivers a maximum continuous output of 180 kW and generates a maximum torque of 950 N·m.


It also features wave winding technology, an innovation that makes installation less complex and increases power density.

In wave winding, several wires are wound onto the winding blade, which moves along one step for each winding. The winding formed on the winding blade is drawn off onto a linear magazine, from where it is transferred to a rotary magazine in several layers. This rotary magazine, together with the preformed winding, is guided into the stator body and expanded from the inside such that the windings are pushed precisely into the stator’s slots and compressed there.


Schaeffler has also secured a volume production order for hybrid modules. Featuring the highly efficient P1 architecture, these modules enable the recovery of braking energy. The energy recovered is then used to power on-board systems, especially new exhaust gas treatment systems, thereby helping vehicle fleets to meet NOx and CO2 reduction targets. The start of production is scheduled for 2024.

Schaeffler’s modular electric motor systems cover the power spectrum from 20 kW to more than 300 kW and battery voltages between 48V and 800V.

In 2018, Schaeffler acquired Elmotec Statomat—the market leader in the production of stator manufacturing machines and world’s largest supplier of machines for the production of stators for electric motors, alternators and generators.

Elmotec focuses on round wire, flatwire and hairpin winding technologies, and holds more than 50 patents for innovative winding technologies such as wave winding.


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