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Virginia becomes 15th Clean Cars state; LEV and ZEV program signed into law

Virginia Ralph Governor Northam recently signed HB 1965, legislation establishing a low-emission vehicle (LEV) and zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) program in Virginia, making it the 15th state to become a Clean Cars state.

HB 1965 directs the State Air Pollution Control Board to implement a LEV program for criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions and a ZEV program only for motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 14,000 pounds or less, beginning with the 2025 model year.

Under the bill, the percentage of ZEVs required to be delivered for sale under Virginia’s ZEV program is approximately equivalent to, but does not exceed, the percentage required under California’s ZEV program.

The bill requires that the regulations adopted by the Board will allow any motor vehicle manufacturer to establish a Virginia-specific zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) credit account and to make an initial deposit into its account.

Such credits may be traded or sold or used to meet up to 18% of the manufacturer’s zero-emissions vehicle program credit requirements in any model year.

The bill also authorizes the State Corporation Commission to exclude sales related to such vehicles from certain energy efficiency calculations.


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