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The e-Drive division of Integral Powertrain Limited (IP), manufacturer of electric motors and inverters, has entered a Technical Partnership with the NIO 333 Formula E Team.

Having been involved with the motorsport sector, in particular, electrified motorsport for the past decade, IP is well-positioned to deliver and to support the development of high-performance electrification components tailored to the needs of race teams and manufacturers developing leading-edge electric components of powertrains.

IP has worked with the UK-based division of the 333 Racing Team to develop the electric powertrain for its upcoming Season 7 and Season 8 campaigns in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championships including the engineering and supply of bespoke, high-performance electric motors and inverters.

The focus for this powertrain is efficiency rather than the ultimate power-to-weight ratio for which IP has become famous and, by adapting its motor and inverter technology to make full use of the weight allocated by the team, it has achieved outstanding results.

Operating at 200kW the motor achieves 98.6% efficiency while the inverter, utilizing the latest Silicon Carbide technology operates at 99.5% efficiency.

This combined optimization of powertrain and gearbox is the result of close collaboration between 333 Racing and Integral Powertrain which this technical partnership cements officially.


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