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Lightning eMotors and REV Group subsidiary to produce electric ambulances

Commercial vehicle manufacturers Lightning eMotors and REV Group, Inc. are co-developing all-electric ambulances with Leader Emergency Vehicles, a REV Group subsidiary. Available to government agencies, municipalities, commercial operators, hospitals, and non-profit organizations, delivery to customers will be at the end of this calendar year.

Rendering of Lightning Electric ambulance

The new Leader ambulances will be based on the fourth-generation Lightning Electric Transit Van from Lightning eMotors. Leader’s High Roof Transit van offers up to 105 kWh of battery capacity which can be charged via Level 2 AC charging or DC fast charging. This model is equipped with dual rear wheels providing a 10,360 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

The ambulance chassis will be electrified at Lightning eMotors’ Loveland, Colorado facility and then built at Leader’s facility in South El Monte, California.


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