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SoCalGas, H2U testing new Gramme 50 electroylzer for green hydrogen production

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and H2U Technologies are testing a new electrolyzer, called the Gramme 50, for the production of green hydrogen. According to early analysis, the cost target of the new technology is half that of current electrolyzers and the total cost of ownership over its life is expected to be 75% less.


The Gramme 50 electrolyzer features a radically different stack design to achieve high current density and outlet pressure requirements. Individual cell power management enables dynamic loading, efficient operation and degradation isolation. The unit also features seamless integration between stack and power electronics.

Design specs for the Gramme 50 include a production rate of 30~50 Nm3/hr with a power consumption range of 5~7 kWh/Nm or 150~350 kW.

Less expensive technologies such as this can start a “virtuous cycle” of cost reductions, increased scale-up, and further cost reductions in turn.

The green hydrogen produced by this new technology can be used for clean transportation or industrial applications or blended with natural gas. Green hydrogen offers the ability to store renewable electricity across months and seasons, an advantage over battery storage.

In addition, SoCalGas’ work with H2U Technologies includes validation studies on the performance of new non-precious metal catalysts used to initiate and accelerate the chemical process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. These efforts could help drive down hydrogen production costs.


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