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Aemetis selects Axens Vegan technology for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel plant in California

Aemetis, Inc. has selected Axens Vegan Renewable Hydroprocessing technology for its “Carbon Zero 1” production plant in Riverbank, California. Axens Vegan technology is designed to hydrotreat a wide range of lipids and to produce a flexible slate of low-density and high cetane renewable diesel as well as renewable jet fuel.


Renewable diesel and jet production is a simple two-step process. Vegan technology is based on catalysts developed, manufactured and provided by Axens. Source: Axens.

The “Carbon Zero 1” will produce some 45 million gallons per year of renewable jet and diesel fuel plant using below zero carbon intensity cellulosic hydrogen at the former Army Ammunition Plant in Riverbank, CA with planned plant expansion on the 142 acre site. The cellulosic hydrogen to be used in Aemetis “Carbon Zero” jet/diesel plants is estimated to have a carbon intensity (CI) of -80.


Aemetis will use InEnTec gasifiers, combined with LanzaTech fermentation technology, to produce ethanol, its negative CI hydrogen, and byproducts including animal feed, glass and electrical power.

The Axens scope will include technology license, basic engineering, catalyst supply, and proprietary equipment for the conversion of ultra-low carbon intensity, non-edible vegetable and other non-edible oils along with renewable cellulosic hydrogen to produce a flexible mix of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel fuel.

The Axens technology provides high yields of jet fuel while maximizing the carbon capture and sequestration value that is unique to the Aemetis Carbon Zero 1 project. The experienced Axens team has been highly responsive and proactive, enabling our project to move forward on schedule and within our budget expectations. We believe that the Axens technology will provide much better overall economics while having a lower capital cost than alternative technologies for renewable jet and diesel fuel production.

—Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis

Aemetis recently announced a $2-billion bid process to airlines and fuel blenders for the Carbon Zero 1 plant and is finalizing offtake agreements. Carbon Zero renewable jet and diesel fuel may be used in today’s airplane, truck, and ship fleets without changes to fueling infrastructure or engines.

Aemetis has received $17 million of grant funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEFTA) to support its Riverbank advanced biofuels project activities.


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