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BMW i Ventures has invested in Plus One Robotics, the leading provider of vision software for logistics robots. The Series B fundraise will help accelerate automation across the broader supply chain and logistics industry and deliver a transformative experience for warehouse operators.

The company, co-founded by industry veterans including CEO Erik Nieves, deploys technology enabling any robot hardware to complete monotonous logistics tasks—such as package sortation and depalletization—intelligently and autonomously.

Plus One also incorporates a “human-in-the-loop” approach that leverages human intelligence to handle exceptions for the variety of items passing from dock to door. Yonder, Plus One’s robot supervision software enables one human, or Crew Chief, to manage up to 50 robots remotely, allowing companies to adopt a follow-the-sun model and meet the demands of the 24/7 consumer.

We believe that Plus One Robotics’ technology will usher in a new era of smart, adaptive robots to bring automation to new heights across not just big markets like automotive but across any supply chain use case where items must be moved from one place to the next. The beauty of Plus One’s technology is that it combines state-of-the-art computer-vision algorithms with a human-in-the-loop approach, enabling robots to operate at accuracy and throughput levels currently unmatched across industry. Thanks to Plus One, the new era of robotics-driven automation is at last here.

—Kasper Sage, Partner at BMW i Ventures

With this latest fundraise, Plus One Robotics will capitalize on its current momentum to expand within its existing customer base and capture more market share through deployments in new customers. The funding will also support continued product development of its machine-vision software to address new use-cases and applications within the logistics value-chain.


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