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FLO | AddEnergie has begun shipping 120 EV chargers out of its factory in Shawinigan, Québec, destined for FLO network’s first deployment in New York City. Of the total, 100 chargers will be installed at 34 public curbside locations over the coming months across all of New York’s five boroughs. The remaining 20 will be installed at four additional locations to support the electrification of the City of New York’s fleet.

These curbside chargers are part of a joint New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) and Con Edison pilot project. The chargers will be in place for four years as part of the demonstration project, which will include an evaluation. Con Edison is funding the project.

The level 2 chargers will come with a standard SAE J1772 connector that is compatible with most EVs. Tesla owners will be able to use the level 2 curbside chargers with an adapter that comes with each Tesla.

All the installed chargers will be powered by Con Edison, which will also coordinate the installation process with NYCDOT. Con Edison, the energy company that serves New York City, selected FLO | AddEnergie as the provider of the chargers and network services after a competitive procurement process.

EV owners will pay for charging on a per hour basis, and the cost of charging will be competitive with the cost of gasoline for an internal combustion engine vehicle. Charging users will be able to pay by smartphone, by tap card, or on the program website.

FLO | AddEnergie is a North American electric vehicle charging network operator and a provider of smart charging software and equipment. Every month, FLO | AddEnergie enables approximately half a million charging events and the transfer of 5.5 GWh in electricity, via more than 40,000 stations deployed on public networks, commercial and residential installations.


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