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Ford to reveal all-electric F-150 Lightning on 19 May

Ford announced that it will reveal the new battery-electric F-150 Lightning pickup—a revival of the name of the old Ford SVT Lightning performance truck—in 19 May in a livestreamed event at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn.


The reveal takes place at 9:30 p.m. EDT and will be broadcast live with more than 30 ways to watch across physical and digital destinations, including the Ford Facebook and YouTube channels, Twitter, key national publications as well as 18 out-of-home locations such as Times Square in New York City and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Every so often, a new vehicle comes along that disrupts the status quo and changes the game: Model T, Mustang, Prius, Model 3. Now comes the F-150 Lightning. America’s favorite vehicle for nearly half a century is going digital and fully electric. F-150 Lightning can power your home during an outage; it’s even quicker than the original F-150 Lightning performance truck; and it will constantly improve through over-the-air updates.—Ford President and CEO Jim Farley

The original F-150 Lightning emerged in 1993 as a high-performance variant of the F-150 and was produced until 1995. A second-generation version was introduced in 1999 and was produced until 2004.

Production of the electric F-150 Lightning begins next spring at the all-new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.





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